Denim Blues

I really only have ONE pair of blue denim that I like. They are high rise, skinny and I got them on sale 😬 . Why is it so difficult finding the perfect pair/fit/color/rise of jeans? It was like discovering pizza for the first time when I found these. They are my first real “high rise” denim and yes, I wear them almost everyday…. That’s why I am now looking for another pair so I don’t ruin these in a matter of months. Here are the ones I love:

AG High Rise magic 🙂

The next pair I get need to be high rise for sure and maybe a lighter denim with some holes? My husband would say, “holes? Really? That’s ridiculous!” But what does he know? 😂 I have been considering adventuring to GAP for some nicely priced denim. When I have tried GAP in the past, the denim have stretched too much or they just weren’t comfortable but I am optimistic that I can find a great fitting pair! (I am really trying to not be a jean snob right now) Here is a pair I was checking out online, they are mid-rise and would definitely need to be tried on. I love that they are a totally different look with the loose fit and worn denim. GAP always has a sale online which makes shopping feel a little more guilt free 😉

These are mid rise, not sure if that is high enough for me. These are GAP.

I am OBSESSED with the next pair of jeans! They just look amazing, too bad they are sold out of all sizes but one. Of course they are on sale too. Maybe they will be in your size?

These AG jeans are mid rise as well. The AGs are on the pricey side but the quality is amazing and so comfy.

Lastly, when in doubt just get the jeans you love in another color. RIGHT?

These AG jeans are just a tad different then the first ones posted. If you like these, add them to your wish list and wait for them to go on sale.

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4th of July


Let me start by saying that my husband and I love a theme party.  Since 4th of July is a party day but not really the-dress-as-ridiculous-as-you-can type (at least not for me) I felt it would be appropriate to wear theme colors without the crazy outfit. This fun skirt is from GAP. It is machine washable and super comfy. I decided to tuck the t-shirt in because it gives the outfit a different look. I love to tuck button down shirts into a skirt too 🙂 .  Although, it depends on the shirt, you don’t want to tuck anything in that is too baggy. The statement necklace (Baublebar) was the perfect choice because the shirt (Caslon from Nord) is so basic. The gold cuff (Baublebar) was the perfect match with the necklace and the leopard shoes (BP) are just fun and always a good choice.  Time for the disappointment, the gold cuff (not real gold) rubbed off on my wrist and made a green ring!! OMFG so embarrassing. I mean who goes around with a green ring on their arm from jewelry. Not this, girl, the cuff is going back! I loved this cuff too :/ . It was over a 100 on Saturday so maybe that had something to do with the coat rubbing off? I mean still..

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On Wednesday’s We Wear PINK!

Today I am feeling like a girl in high school trying to fit in with the mean girls at school (if you don’t know, the quote in title is from Mean Girls the movie), in regards to my blog. I DREAM of making my blog a full time job but I lack followers and reality apparently. I mean what does a girl have to do to get more followers? Leak a porno? That may be my plan b… What are the girls that have THOUSANDS of viewers, get clothes sent to them and make money blogging DOING??!! I would love to find out some of these secrets. If anyone has suggestions besides find better content, please let me know 🙂 I love writing about clothes and my personal opinion on fashion and MORE.

“I want my pink shirt back!”

Anyway, on a different note, today I took the baby with me to Francesca’s in the mall. I have always walked by this store and wanted to go in but never did. I usually stick to what I know – Nordstrom and Gap. WOW am I happy I did! The selection of accessories and clothing is great. I will post some clothes I found that I like but first, the girl that was working. I can’t remember her name but she was amazing with my daughter. She said on Wednesdays they do crafts with the kids so the moms can shop free of kids (um, I will be back every Wednesday). Madison was exhausted and restless. This girl brought her toys and talked to her the whole time I was there. She was such great help!! The clothing was adorable and I feel like I could wear almost everything in the store. Oh and the prices are very affordable. Most everything in the store was about $30. If you have a Francesca’s near you, you must go!



While shopping I mentioned to the girl that I started a fashion blog. She asked me “what is it about?” I stared at her like “I don’t know, fashion?” OMG I need to practice my response to this question!!! Working on it….