Spring is here and I have collected some of my favorite trends to share. I am still crazy for torn denim and shorts are no exception. The other day, Ryan (my husband) was like, “what is wrong with your shorts? They have a huge hole, why are you wearing them. Please tell me you didn’t buy them like that!?” Sorry, not sorry because I definitely bought them with the holes. I found these Topshop denim shorts on clearance at Nordstrom rack for $18! It doesn’t get much better than that for Topshop. They came with some small holes and have become holier (is that a word?) over time. They are a high rise and could be mistaken for “mom butt” but I actually LOVE them and usually wear a casual t-shirt, tucked in the front of course.

The block heel. OMG I am crazy for a block heel. As a girl who rarely wears heels and struggles to walk in them when I do, the chunky heel makes wearing heels a million times easier. Here’s a roundup of the ones I love:

I have these in black and beige. Such a great shoe to dress up! Vince Camuto on sale!
AMAZING!! These come in 6 colors!                                                  Vince Camuto 
Just Love. Splendid 





Obsessed. Jeffrey Campbell 



Super cute casual sandals and under $100. Steve Madden

The cropped denim:


I LOVE me some white denim! They are just so perfect for spring and summer. The torn look is fun and makes them a little more casual. Any age can wear a little tare but a shredded look is probably not the best choice for the seniors…. 🙂

That is all for today. I will have much more to share soon. I hope you enjoyed reading!


Denim Blues

I really only have ONE pair of blue denim that I like. They are high rise, skinny and I got them on sale 😬 . Why is it so difficult finding the perfect pair/fit/color/rise of jeans? It was like discovering pizza for the first time when I found these. They are my first real “high rise” denim and yes, I wear them almost everyday…. That’s why I am now looking for another pair so I don’t ruin these in a matter of months. Here are the ones I love:

AG High Rise magic 🙂

The next pair I get need to be high rise for sure and maybe a lighter denim with some holes? My husband would say, “holes? Really? That’s ridiculous!” But what does he know? 😂 I have been considering adventuring to GAP for some nicely priced denim. When I have tried GAP in the past, the denim have stretched too much or they just weren’t comfortable but I am optimistic that I can find a great fitting pair! (I am really trying to not be a jean snob right now) Here is a pair I was checking out online, they are mid-rise and would definitely need to be tried on. I love that they are a totally different look with the loose fit and worn denim. GAP always has a sale online which makes shopping feel a little more guilt free 😉

These are mid rise, not sure if that is high enough for me. These are GAP.

I am OBSESSED with the next pair of jeans! They just look amazing, too bad they are sold out of all sizes but one. Of course they are on sale too. Maybe they will be in your size?

These AG jeans are mid rise as well. The AGs are on the pricey side but the quality is amazing and so comfy.

Lastly, when in doubt just get the jeans you love in another color. RIGHT?

These AG jeans are just a tad different then the first ones posted. If you like these, add them to your wish list and wait for them to go on sale.

Thanks for reading. Email me if you need any advice on finding the right jeans for you 🙂 . You can also follow me on Instagram @OMGANDMORE



Oh September, you sure snuck up on me! Although, it is still smoking hot outside and I cannot even think about wearing jeans or socks with shoes (I am sweating thinking about it), I have been peeping out some AMAZEBALL booties for the Fall.

At the beginning of summer, my Husband got some Chukkas and they are adorable, in a cool-dude kind of way. I never thought about myself in a pair of booties like these but when in Rome. I am kind of crazy for these blue ones. They are different from anything I have own and I think that is why I like them so much. Who wears blue shoes? This girl! They come in several other colors too, the bordeaux is a great option too 🙂 .


Bussola ‘Salem’ Chukka bootie – I just love! They would be adorable with skinny jeans, or boyfriend jeans rolled at the bottom.

These Nine West ‘Just This’ ankle bootie is so cute and fun! They really “edge” things up! I like that they are not over the top moto.


These booties are Franco Sarto and would be adorable with jeans, skinny or not, also great with tights and skirts/dresses 🙂 . They can really be dressed up too, which is nice for a work to night out option.


These Franco Sarto booties are so different and I would love to see them on with tights, a skirt and sweater. Oh, I can’t wait for cold weather 🙂 .

I am slightly obsessed with Franco Sarto and Vince Camuto shoes right now 😉 . All these booties run between $100-$150. They are great shoes that will last through more than one season 🙂 .

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(The little feet in the picture are my youngest, Madison’s. It is not easy to get a picture without these kids sneaking in 🙂 )

Today’s look. These green Rag and Bone jeans have become one of my FAVORITES. (I picked them up at the Anniversary Sale at a much better price!) At first, I was thinking, “what does someone wear with green pants?” Once I got home, I was like, “what can’t you wear with green pants?” The possibilities are endless 🙂 . It’s all about trying new options and putting pieces together to see how they will look. You may surprise yourself! Next, this Halogen shirt (is $25 and comes in several different colors, I also got this piece at the Anniversary Sale for only $15) is an awesome basic. I am CRAZY for a white t-shirt, they are so easy to put on with jeans, a skirt/shorts or GREEN PANTS 😉 . The leopard BP flats are always a great choice. They are not the most supportive shoes and mine have gotten a little stinky (TMI?) but they are super fun and reasonably priced. Last, the necklace is a hand-me-down piece from my wonderful sister-in-law (thanks, Jamie!). It is from Anthropologie but not sure how long ago.

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This last option is a more formal one. Heels are an obvious choice for dressing up a simple black dress. I RARELY wear heels but I feel like it is a must to own a pair for that once in a while evening that heels are perfect for. I try my best to make an outfit work without heels but sometimes there is no avoiding it 😉 . These ones are Louise et Cie and are pretty comfortable for heels. They are about 3 1/2”, I found that 3” is what I am most comfortable at, 4” is crazy town! After wearing these for a night only one toe was numb for about a day, that’s good right?




This Search for Sanity jacket is so fun and lightweight for summer. It can really dress up an outfit. The necklace is Panacea and is always a great addition to any outfit! I love how different it is. A real conversation starter 🙂 . 





A big thanks to my sister, Brionne for all her photography skills!
Action shot!

Here is a look of the simple black dress and the 3 options I chose 🙂 :

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

I really enjoyed doing this project and I hope you had fun reading my posts!



Extreme closeup!

Here is the first option I chose to wear with this dress. I LOVE the idea of mixing casual with fancy, whether it’s a t-shirt with a fancy-ish skirt or in this case, a dress with a flannel and converse. I am crazy for Converse, I think this is my 3rd or 4th pair. Just a fun fact, they wash really well! I wore my white pair camping (I know terrible idea) and they washed back to crisp white. My girls have the pink velcro Converse (going on their 3rd pair) and they wash well too 🙂 . I went with this could-be-casual-or-dressed-up necklace, courtesy of my sister-in-law; Thank you Jamie! The flannel is actually denim and it is SO comfy and great to wear with light jeans, or unbuttoned as a third piece. The sleeves rolled gives the shirt a cuter look. I don’t know how I came up with this outfit, it just came to me as I was looking into my closet trying to figure out what to do. It is unexpected and I think that is what I like most about it. This outfit could be worn during the day, running around with the kids and then you could trade out the Converse for heels and take off the denim shirt for a night out. The necklace would still be great for going out. Here are lots of pics from our “photo shoot,” I hope you enjoy! Thanks again Bri for helping!!







My sister said to pretend like I was talking to someone… great suggestion…

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It is smoking hot outside today! Here is my outfit from this morning, I changed into shorts minutes after this photo. It could be worn with jeans or a dress, even shorts. I am crazy for this Search for Sanity jacket. It is so lightweight and can really dress up an outfit. The jeans are high-waisted Paige, the necklace is Panacea, elephant necklace is J Crew and the shoes are BP. You can’t really tell by this picture (sorry for the quality) but the shirt has ruffles which is super flattering. The long necklaces makes the outfit “different” and interesting. I love to pair items that your wouldn’t normally put together, it’s like getting something new without buying anything!     

This kid photobombs all of my pics. I seriously need to take some posing classes. Don’t mind the fruit snack on the floor 🙂 .

 This is what happens when you ask your husband to take your picture. Thanks, Ryan.

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Thursday, was my sister-in-laws (and bro-in-laws but he was not there) birthday and we celebrated doing the Sac Brew Bike in Sacramento. It was SO FUN!! OMG! Friday, was rough..I may or may not have left a little early from work. Anyway, to the outfit. I felt like I wanted to look like a real hipster/cute. I wanted to venture out and try something new, you know when you see girls dressed adorable like they could be on TV, well that was the look I was going for, kind of. I think the outfit turned out pretty cute, I don’t know about TV worthy but definitely Midtown worthy.

OMG, this Madewell vest, forget about it so cute! I love that the denim is lighter than usual so you can wear it with a darker denim pant/short or a cute summer dress.     

This is my I-want-to-be-model-but-I-have-no-idea-how-to-model-look. Does that make sense? I tucked the shirt just in the front because the shirt is about the same length as the shorts and I didn’t want to look like I had nothing on under the shirt.. awkward! Ryan said the shirt looked stupid tucked in but I liked it.. what does he know anyway? Since we were biking I felt Converse were appropriate and unexpected. I love mixing the unexpected!


This picture is terrible but it is the only one I got of us 🙂 .

The gang.

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Shirt: Free People

Shorts: Hudson

Vest: Madewell

Shoes: Converse

Friday Rhymes with Vodka

Today is my favorite day, Casual Friday. I could get away with wearing jeans to work everyday but I choose to dress a little more “business casual.” Today I went for a dressier casual look (well, kind of). I got an early Mother’s Day gift, thanks Ryan 🙂 . I opened these adorable and fun Sam Edelman shoes last night. They are not my norm but I like them for that reason, I love taking risks (try it, you will be happy you did). They are made out of genuine calf-hair on the bottom so I was curious to see how they felt after wearing them all day. Well, at first they were tight on my feet but after a couple hours they felt like a dream. I wore “no socks” with them to prevent stinky feet. The socks were a little visible so I am going to try not wearing socks next time.


(We went on an afternoon movie date, notice the crazy carpet)

This Free People layered shirt is always a hit. It is adorable, forgiving and super fashionable. Oh and it has a collar, I just LOVE it. The white Citizen jeans are a must and so comfy. The Treasure & Bond jean jacket with polka dots is the best 🙂




(After watching Avengers we went to our favorite sushi place, Mikuni)

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Part of me feels ridiculous for sending a list to my husband for Mother’s Day. I love my husband but if I don’t send him links to items, I will end up with some questionable things 🙂 Sorry, Ryan. So, the list. Here are just a few things (yes, my wish list at Nordstrom has A LOT of items 🙂 a girl can dream) my from list, it is best to give a bigger list so there is a little surprise.


This shirt. It’s by Sister Jane and it is adorable. I love a collar and a peeking undershirt is even better! The skirt and sandals are terrible so please try to image the shirt alone.


This Chelsea28 romper is fun and can be dressed up with some heels and a shiny necklace, or dressed down with some flats and a chunky turquoise necklace.


OMFG, I am not sure if I should LOVE or HATE this Ace Delivery jacket. This jacket is kind of wild, but I think that is what makes it so great. A pair of dark denim, a white blouse, this jacket and some fun flats would be amazing. I am in love.


Oh, this Treasure & Bond flannel button down. It is so soft and cute! I have a few plaid button downs so I probably don’t need another BUT OMG it is so nice. This is great as is or you could wear it unbuttoned with a white tank top.


Lastly, these Sam Edelman shoes. They are casual but so perfect for summer. I have been seeing these all over the place. I think shorts or white jeans with a solid colored shirt would be so cute with these.

Thanks for reading,