Denim Blues

I really only have ONE pair of blue denim that I like. They are high rise, skinny and I got them on sale 😬 . Why is it so difficult finding the perfect pair/fit/color/rise of jeans? It was like discovering pizza for the first time when I found these. They are my first real “high rise” denim and yes, I wear them almost everyday…. That’s why I am now looking for another pair so I don’t ruin these in a matter of months. Here are the ones I love:

AG High Rise magic πŸ™‚

The next pair I get need to be high rise for sure and maybe a lighter denim with some holes? My husband would say, “holes? Really? That’s ridiculous!” But what does he know? πŸ˜‚ I have been considering adventuring to GAP for some nicely priced denim. When I have tried GAP in the past, the denim have stretched too much or they just weren’t comfortable but I am optimistic that I can find a great fitting pair! (I am really trying to not be a jean snob right now) Here is a pair I was checking out online, they are mid-rise and would definitely need to be tried on. I love that they are a totally different look with the loose fit and worn denim. GAP always has a sale online which makes shopping feel a little more guilt free πŸ˜‰

These are mid rise, not sure if that is high enough for me. These are GAP.

I am OBSESSED with the next pair of jeans! They just look amazing, too bad they are sold out of all sizes but one. Of course they are on sale too. Maybe they will be in your size?

These AG jeans are mid rise as well. The AGs are on the pricey side but the quality is amazing and so comfy.

Lastly, when in doubt just get the jeans you love in another color. RIGHT?

These AG jeans are just a tad different then the first ones posted. If you like these, add them to your wish list and wait for them to go on sale.

Thanks for reading. Email me if you need any advice on finding the right jeans for you πŸ™‚ . You can also follow me on Instagram @OMGANDMORE



Oh the sales! For my family, it is a tradition to fight the crowds on Black Friday. I am sure lots of people think we are crazy. Thursday night, my sisters and I went to Target and Kohls. I came straight from Thanksgiving dinner so I was dressed a little fancy for shopping.

I look exhausted in this picture. It was only about 8… Look, I am trying to work on being more photogenic. These things take time! πŸ™‚

These are my first true high-rise jeans and I don’t think I will every buy a different rise now. Yes, they go up to my belly button and no it doesn’t bother me. I felt weird for about a day wearing them but I am in love now. If you haven’t tried a high-rise, you need to. They just fit so amazing and make me feel more confident with my body. The ASTR deep v-neck shirt was an item I picked up on sale right before the Black Friday sale at Nordstrom (Of course it is no longer available, sorry! On Black Friday it was marked down an extra 20%) along with the adorable booties. OMG these booties. I am in love, they are the perfect color (they also come in several other amazing colors) and I am crazy for the laced-up style. The outfit is a little random but I think it came together nicely. The flannel under the dressy shirt was something fun I wanted to try. I like the idea of mixing fancy with causal, it makes things interesting. Fashion is about taking risks right?

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P.S. I like to add items to my Wishlist on and then wait till they go on sale to purchase πŸ™‚ You would be surprised by how many things go on sale at Nordstrom.





(The little feet in the picture are my youngest, Madison’s. It is not easy to get a picture without these kids sneaking in πŸ™‚ )

Today’s look. These green Rag and Bone jeans have become one of my FAVORITES. (I picked them up at the Anniversary Sale at a much better price!) At first, I was thinking, “what does someone wear with green pants?” Once I got home, I was like, “what can’t you wear with green pants?” The possibilities are endless πŸ™‚ . It’s all about trying new options and putting pieces together to see how they will look. You may surprise yourself! Next, this Halogen shirt (is $25 and comes in several different colors, I also got this piece at the Anniversary Sale for only $15) is an awesome basic. I am CRAZY for a white t-shirt, they are so easy to put on with jeans, a skirt/shorts or GREEN PANTS πŸ˜‰ . The leopard BP flats are always a great choice. They are not the most supportive shoes and mine have gotten a little stinky (TMI?) but they are super fun and reasonably priced. Last, the necklace is a hand-me-down piece from my wonderful sister-in-law (thanks, Jamie!). It is from Anthropologie but not sure how long ago.

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I can’t believe I have not posted about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!! OMG there are a some MUST haves! First, I must confess why I have been so distracted lately. I was posting a few times a week until recently. 50 Shades of Grey. I know you must be rolling your eyes but at least I am honest… OMG I am not a reader normally but these books have taken over my life in the past few weeks. My husband thinks it’s an inner freak in me but really it is more about the story in these books. I literally read every chance I get, hence the lack of posts lately. I find myself wanting to use quotes from the book, I almost emailed my Director the other day saying “we aim to please.” OKAY, THERE I feel better πŸ™‚ . Β Now, back to the Nordstrom sale.

Oh, these boots! Frye boots happen to be my favorite brand of boots. They are a little on the pricey side BUT they are well made and will last a lifetime (maybe?). I love the color of these, you can wear them with jeans (light or dark), a skirt or a dress. The options are endless! They can be worn with pretty much any color shirt or dress. At first I thought they were too western for me but I decided to get over it because they are adorable.


These high-rise Rag & Bone jeans. Who buys green pants? This girl does. I love that they are a dark green so it’s not like wearing neon colored pants. They are different which makes any outfit original. They are a fun spin on typical colored denim jeans. Do not let these intimidate you, wear them with any top you would normally pair with jeans. I love that they are skinny and would be super cute with boots! Β _10671530

I am not normally into the 2fer type shirts but this one tugged at my heart. Once tried on, I was in love. This Treasure & Bond sweater comes in more colors but I think this is the best choice. This could be worn with denim jeans or the green ones above would be super cute. Although, would the green and red be too festive around Christmas time? I think it would be okay.


I apologize for this picture, it is kind of awkward!

OMG this Top Shop biker vest. The Top Shop sizes are weird, I see lots of stuff I want but nothing seems to fit me right, does this happen to other people too? Back to the vest. Β I am not really a “rough” dresser but this vest is adorable. If I get this vest I imagine myself wearing it with the sweater above, dark denim skinny jeans and some white converse, doesn’t that sound adorable? Well, if not then maybe a white shirt underneath, skinny jeans and flats (cheetah of course πŸ™‚ ). This is a little out there but I love it and it would be a fun piece to have. Yes, I did try it on and this Top Shop item actually fits me!

This years sale is a good one, definitely worth peeping out πŸ™‚ .

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How to Wear D on D

Denim on Denim is back and has been for a while now. Years ago I would cringe when seeing someone wearing a denim shirt with a denim pant or with a denim jacket. Now, I can’t get enough denim in my life! Some people (my sisters) may still cringe at D on D but I think it is okay when done a certain way (in my eyes). The only way to get away with D on D is different shades of denim, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT wear the same color denim top and bottom. I love the idea of wearing a statement necklace over a button down denim shirt, it dresses up the look and adds a fun piece. A dark jean with a light denim shirt, a white jean with any color denim shirt are great options. With summer around the corner, white denim shorts with a colored denim shirt rolled up would be adorable, oh and some little scrappy brown sandals… forget about it.. adorable.

What I love about this denim shirt is that it can be worn with many different types of pants or skirts/shorts. It can also be easily dressed up or dressed down with the appropriate accessories. The necklace I added gives it a little something extra that worn with a heel would transition it to an evening look.





(dark denim are Paige, torn denim are Hudson, white denim are Citizens of Humanity, shirt is Halogen, necklace is Baublebar and the first sandals are Steven Madden, second pair are Rainbow)

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PS, sorry for the selfies, I will be taking some more professional-looking photos soon πŸ™‚

Breaking the Rules

Yesterday, I broke a rule, my rule of only wearing jeans on Fridays (I mean who doesn’t have the casual Friday rule? It’s the best one!). Yesterday was Thursday, not Friday and I was just not in the mood for anything but jeans. So, I threw on my straight-leg Paige jeans, a fun (work appropriate) tank top and a cute navy blue cardigan. Oh! And of course some adorable Cole Haan flats (I LOVE the bow πŸ™‚ ).

Here is a picture of my girls and I in the morning before I left for work.





OH! I checked the mail when I got home and my Baublebar necklace came in! YAY! Yes, I have this in gold and now in silver, I don’t discriminate.


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Today’s Look


Today I went for a comfy/nautical outfit. The tank and cardigan are from the Loft. I have been ISO (in search of) a navy cardigan for a while now. This one is comfy, a little slim in the arms but it is a really nice navy blue. I struggled thinking about how a cardigan is supposed to fit, I mean who writes the rules for this type of decision (just tell me how it should fit! Loose in the arms or fitted? The struggle is real). I started off with navy shorts but it just felt like too much navy so, I went for some denim (Paige Skyline straight). I think brown sandals would have gone better with this outfit but I desperately need a pedicure so shoes were a must. I picked up these Top Sperry’s YEARS ago, in fact I think about 10!? I rarely wear them but every time I do I think, “why don’t I wear these more?”. (I don’t know if that is the right punctuation…) Then a few hours later I remember when my heels are hurting from the backing in the shoes. The shoes are great for half the day. I think a simple gold necklace with a bar or something similar would have been a nice touch but I didn’t like any of my options. Anyway, to complete the outfit, a cross body Kate Spade purse is ALWAYS a great choice πŸ™‚

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So, Nordstrom just added Madewell to select stores and online. Β I have not heard of this brand so I thought I would check it out. Many of the pieces are reasonable and some are not. I would describe the brand as kind of a hipster meets everyday look.

I am CRAZY for a v-neck! This v-neck has an adorable pocket, comes in a lot of different colors and is under $20. Wowza!


For some reason I am obsessed with this jean vest, I don’t know when or how I would wear it but I think it is so cute. The downfall is that this vest is $98.. a little steep for a jean vest when I can’t even think of an outfit that goes with it.


I LOVE a torn jean right now.. I have been wearing my Hudson pair daily when I am not at work. I like that these are high-rise and I really like the wash. These are $128 which is a little steep for a brand I am not familiar with but I think a somewhat reasonable price for jeans.


This high-low tank is kind of adorable and goes with anything. I like that the back is longer than the front and the color is great (I don’t own anything this color so it would be nice to branch out).


Honestly, I am not sure if I will buy anything from this brand or not. Right now I am eyeing the v-neck and tank…

What I wore

Yesterday I went to a baby shower for a good friend. The night before, Β I was thinking about what kind of outfit is the right outfit to wear to a baby shower, but Β all I could think about were the horrible games I would have to play. Fortunately this baby shower turned out to be very fun and easy (no games were pushed πŸ™‚ ). Back to the clothes, I decided to wear my straight Paige jeans with my ADORABLE new fancy flats. I chose a easy blue tank top (I get hot really easy, especially in a crowd) and my new jacket (Halogen) that Ryan got me for my birthday. Here’s the thing, I LOVE how this jacket looks BUT I cannot move my arms in it! I literally could not wear it while driving! I mean, is this normal? The necklace is a cute elephant from J Crew. Β Oh and of course my Kate Spade purse (I am obsessed with Kate Spade right now, everything is so classy/timeless πŸ™‚ ).


IMG_2358 IMG_2357 IMG_2362

Date Night

Last night Ryan and I went out for a date night. My mom graciously stayed home with the girls so we could escape the madness for a few hours.

I started off wearing a cute “watermelon” colored sweater with a chunky necklace. Apparently, Ryan thinks he is the one writing a fashion blog because he said my sweater looked like one someone would wear to an ugly Christmas party. So I changed, I ended up wearing a loose off-white blouse, straight high rise jeans, Frye Cognac colored boots and a grey jacket. I still feel weird taking pictures of myself so these are not the best.

IMG_2040 IMG_2039 IMG_2041