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Hello! So, you all know how much I LOVE clothes and accessories really are the finishing touch to ANY look – casual or fancy. I hear lots of women say, “but I wouldn’t know what to wear that with.” Here’s the thing, the only way to get comfortable with wearing accessories is by just going for it and trying new things out. Amazing outfits don’t always come out of the first look you put on, it takes throwing on pieces in your closet that might go together and finding great looks out of what you weren’t sure of. Well, sometimes the amazing outfits will come from the first look you put together but not always 😉 I recently started as a Stylist for Stella & Dot. Have you heard of them? If you haven’t, you need to stop what you’re doing and follow this link now! I want to share some of my favorite pieces and different ways I have styled them.

First, the Rebel Pendant (comes in silver, gold and rose gold) is an easy piece to throw on with anything. Often, I will put on the Rebel over jean shorts and a white T-shirt. It just adds a cute element to what was a plain outfit. So easy for the moms out there looking for something quick.

Next, the Chiara. OMG, at first I was not crazy about this necklace, but after layering it over a denim shirt – forget about it. I am obsessed with this piece. It is so great for girls night, date night, work or just wearing it because it’s super cute.

The Freya Fringe, is probably my ultimate favorite piece. It can be worn several different ways but my favorite are short and long. This piece is so versatile. I took this to New York and basically wore it the entire time even though I brought several pieces with me. This may seem a little intimidating to some but TRUST me, this will really add some sparkle to your wardrobe and you won’t believe all the compliments you will receive.

There’s so many more amazing pieces from Stella & Dot! Check out their website and let me know what you think 😉

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Rebel Pendant: $79

Chiara: $79

Freya Fringe: $119

Oh This Dress


OMG! It was our 5 year wedding anniversary yesterday (also my daughter’s 4th birthday). My husband surprised me with this checkered, Anthropologie dress (he got the idea from an earlier blog post 🙂 ). Oh, hot-diggity-dog this dress is so adorable! It felt right to tie a thin brown belt around the waist and I was right 🙂 . The belt is from Hollister, years ago and the sandals are Steve Madden.

Oh, how do you feel about the new haircut? It is a lot shorter. People keep asking me why I decided to cut my hair off. Honestly, I don’t know. I was waiting to get my hair done looking at pictures of haircuts on my phone and I decided to just go for it and try something crazy. I used to have short hair years ago so I don’t feel that weird with it. My Husband has been VERY supportive of my fashion blog and he always suggests mixing stuff up and looking “fresh.” Well. if you are contemplating cutting your hair, just go for it, it’s summer and it will always grow back 🙂 .

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Summer Dresses

There are so many dresses out there! I found a few favorites online at Anthropologie that I would like to share. Personally, I am not into long dresses (down to my feet), I think I feel like they hit my ankles weird and I look ridiculous(I also over heat).

4130349871001_045_b 4130225335060_049_b  4130225335060_001_b

I love the bird dress. Although, it may be a tad short.The checkered dress is so fun and casual, the black is great for a dinner date. Some fun wedges or flats would be a perfect match. A sparkly statement necklace would be adorable on all of these. The one below is Baublebar (of course) and I am IN LOVE!!! This is on my wishlist 🙂 .


The dress below is just cute and fun.


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Thursday, was my sister-in-laws (and bro-in-laws but he was not there) birthday and we celebrated doing the Sac Brew Bike in Sacramento. It was SO FUN!! OMG! Friday, was rough..I may or may not have left a little early from work. Anyway, to the outfit. I felt like I wanted to look like a real hipster/cute. I wanted to venture out and try something new, you know when you see girls dressed adorable like they could be on TV, well that was the look I was going for, kind of. I think the outfit turned out pretty cute, I don’t know about TV worthy but definitely Midtown worthy.

OMG, this Madewell vest, forget about it so cute! I love that the denim is lighter than usual so you can wear it with a darker denim pant/short or a cute summer dress.     

This is my I-want-to-be-model-but-I-have-no-idea-how-to-model-look. Does that make sense? I tucked the shirt just in the front because the shirt is about the same length as the shorts and I didn’t want to look like I had nothing on under the shirt.. awkward! Ryan said the shirt looked stupid tucked in but I liked it.. what does he know anyway? Since we were biking I felt Converse were appropriate and unexpected. I love mixing the unexpected!


This picture is terrible but it is the only one I got of us 🙂 .

The gang.

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Shirt: Free People

Shorts: Hudson

Vest: Madewell

Shoes: Converse

Mother’s Day

I have been waiting for the perfect occasion to debut this outfit. I didn’t want to waste this wild outfit on just anything. Mother’s Day felt fit. This Ro & De skirt is so fun. At first I was not sure what to wear with the stripes, but then I decided to just go for it and wear whatever. Remember, it’s all about taking fashion risks 🙂 . From the Raga tassel shirt (a crop top, high waisted bottoms are a must or a blouse underneath 🙂 ) and striped skirt to the leopard BP flats and Geo necklace, this outfit is totally mis-matched but I think that is what makes it so amazing. Oh and the Treasure & Bond jean jacket is always a good choice, it can be thrown on with some colored jeans or a dress.

 (My knee is red from crossing my legs, if you were wondering 🙂 )

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Friday Rhymes with Vodka

Today is my favorite day, Casual Friday. I could get away with wearing jeans to work everyday but I choose to dress a little more “business casual.” Today I went for a dressier casual look (well, kind of). I got an early Mother’s Day gift, thanks Ryan 🙂 . I opened these adorable and fun Sam Edelman shoes last night. They are not my norm but I like them for that reason, I love taking risks (try it, you will be happy you did). They are made out of genuine calf-hair on the bottom so I was curious to see how they felt after wearing them all day. Well, at first they were tight on my feet but after a couple hours they felt like a dream. I wore “no socks” with them to prevent stinky feet. The socks were a little visible so I am going to try not wearing socks next time.


(We went on an afternoon movie date, notice the crazy carpet)

This Free People layered shirt is always a hit. It is adorable, forgiving and super fashionable. Oh and it has a collar, I just LOVE it. The white Citizen jeans are a must and so comfy. The Treasure & Bond jean jacket with polka dots is the best 🙂




(After watching Avengers we went to our favorite sushi place, Mikuni)

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Romper Time

Let’s talk about rompers. I have a love-hate relationship with them. I LOVE them but my body hates them (well, hate is strong word). I don’t think I am a giant but I seem to be a little on the tall side for the rompers I have tried. I am no quitter so I will continue to try and find one 🙂 . The one I tried was ADORABLE! But, by the end of the night it kept creeping up and people could see my Spanx (no shame). Seriously, Spanx showing under your clothes is no way to live. I did some online searching and these are the ones that I am excited to try:


This romper by Chelsea28 is so cute and fun, I love the scalloped cut detail. This romper would be adorable with the heels like the ones in the picture or some patterned flats and of course a long shiny necklace 🙂 .


OMG this Ella Moss romper is the PERFECT thing to wear on a night out. It is so swanky. I love this! The pattern is amazing and so different. Nude heels would be great or a black/nude flat, for those that do no do heels (ME).


I like how this Stem romper is a little more on the casual side but can easily be dressed up with a fancy necklace and heels. I worry about it creeping up from the soft fabric but I think it’s worth the risk.




OMG, please don’t do the strapless romper, it’s already short so no need to go without straps. I am on the conservative side so I say choose legs or boobs but please not both.


I am on the fence about this Soft Joie print jumpsuit (jumpsuit or romper? IDK). I like the idea of a jumpsuit but I don’t think they are for me, maybe they are too serious for me, I don’t know. If I were to do a pant one I say go crazy or go home, I mean, why not?

I hope you find my romper advice helpful. Just remember, boobs or legs, not both and camel toe is not a good look on anyone 🙂

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My husband received a lederhosen a few years ago (My in-laws were nice enough to bring one back from Germany 🙂 ) and insists on me dressing up in a dirndl with him to attend any German festival. Last night we attended the Annual Sacramento Turn Verein Bockbierfest. I found the dirndl (if anyone is in the market for one) on Amazon.





Not sure I would classify our outfits “fashion-forward,” BUT they are a lot of fun!

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Biker Gang and Dogs



Yesterday, I woke up and was like, “what the heck am I going to wear today, nothing seems right.” It was a little cooler outside so I decided on a button-down shirt with a sweater over it, I really enjoy the look of a collar poking out from a sweater or shirt (I mean who doesn’t??). I felt like a necklace would be a nice touch but nothing seemed right.. so if you are struggling with accessories, a bow tie is ALWAYS a great choice!


My work outfit included: sweater (GAP), shirt (Nordstrom), Pants (GAP), shoes (Cole Haan). I LOVE GAP for work clothes, they have great blouses, pants and dresses. Oh and they always have great discounts!

Last night we went to the SPD K9 charity event at the local comedy club.  I wanted to wear something unexpected so I went for a boyfriend jean-cute t-chain necklace-leather jacket-adorable heel-look. I love the idea of pairing the unexpected ( I first heard this “phrase” from Courtney Kerr, fashion blogger). I layered my police necklace with my Courtney bib necklace. These heels have gotten a lot of attention and they are getting more comfortable. I felt like I should belong in a biker gang with my leather jacket and chain necklace, I had a little bit of a tough attitude for the night. The tough attitude ended as soon as I got home and put my Star Wars shirt on and soccer shorts. DORK ALERT!


Jacket (Caslon), shirt (Trouve), necklace (Baublebar), jeans (AG), and heels (Vince Camuto).

IMG_2826My sister and I.

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Date Night

Last night Ryan and I went out for a date night. My mom graciously stayed home with the girls so we could escape the madness for a few hours.

I started off wearing a cute “watermelon” colored sweater with a chunky necklace. Apparently, Ryan thinks he is the one writing a fashion blog because he said my sweater looked like one someone would wear to an ugly Christmas party. So I changed, I ended up wearing a loose off-white blouse, straight high rise jeans, Frye Cognac colored boots and a grey jacket. I still feel weird taking pictures of myself so these are not the best.

IMG_2040 IMG_2039 IMG_2041