Today’s look (worn to work then I changed into shorts and a tank when I got home). I recently found a super nice and helpful blogger with lots of great advice! @sincerelyjennamarie is my new inspiration! She has a thorough blog with A LOT of followers 🙂 . She also happens to be really kind and has answered lots of my questions about blogging and Instagram. ANYWAYS, instead of posting a picture of a headless outfit I decided to try something new. I will be experimenting more with my photos trying to find what works best for me and my readers 🙂 .

The tank top and skirt are from Ann Taylor. Fun fact: I bought these 2 pieces while in  Las Vegas with my husband last year. Drinking and shopping is not the best combination… or is it? Luckily, when I got home the clothes actually fit. Who buys work clothes while in Las Vegas, this girl apparently. I tucked the tank in, it just looked more professional.

The flats are Cole Haan and super comfy and have some squish to them. They are simple but the gold bow is an adorable detail. They pretty much go with anything, added plus!

The Bonnie Jonas necklace ($38) comes in gold as well. I am normally way more into gold but this silver/black combo is cool and different. My husband surprised me with this on our Anniversary (or was it Birthday?) and I was shocked he chose something I liked without a list loved it right away. I find myself sometimes struggling to find the right outfit to go with it but I just try random shirts or dresses on until I find the right one.

Thanks for reading,



  1. Aww you are too sweet! Thanks 🙂

    Also dying over your shopping in Vegas, I make poor decisions shopping online too late at night, so I’m very impressed by your choices! Love the skirt

    Xoxo Jenna @sincerelyjennamarie

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