4th of July


Let me start by saying that my husband and I love a theme party.  Since 4th of July is a party day but not really the-dress-as-ridiculous-as-you-can type (at least not for me) I felt it would be appropriate to wear theme colors without the crazy outfit. This fun skirt is from GAP. It is machine washable and super comfy. I decided to tuck the t-shirt in because it gives the outfit a different look. I love to tuck button down shirts into a skirt too 🙂 .  Although, it depends on the shirt, you don’t want to tuck anything in that is too baggy. The statement necklace (Baublebar) was the perfect choice because the shirt (Caslon from Nord) is so basic. The gold cuff (Baublebar) was the perfect match with the necklace and the leopard shoes (BP) are just fun and always a good choice.  Time for the disappointment, the gold cuff (not real gold) rubbed off on my wrist and made a green ring!! OMFG so embarrassing. I mean who goes around with a green ring on their arm from jewelry. Not this, girl, the cuff is going back! I loved this cuff too :/ . It was over a 100 on Saturday so maybe that had something to do with the coat rubbing off? I mean still..

Thanks for reading,


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