Not about Fashion


Ocean Cove, California

Sorry, for the delayed post.. we have been camping. Oh man, where do I start? We took our girls (1 and 4) and our 2 awful chihuahuas (they actually turned out to be natural campers, so this trip, they weren’t so awful). Tying fashion into camping is tricky. I didn’t want to bring anything I wouldn’t be okay with getting stained or ripped. Unfortunately, when I purged my closet, I did not keep anything old or camp worthy. I brought some Zella leggings, Converse and some easy t-shirts. I had actually packed some adorable flannel shirts but I ended up staying in the t-shirts with a comfy fleece (The North Face is ALWAYS the perfect choice of fleece).

The evenings were FREEZING and WINDY! YIKES! The first night my oldest daughter got a horrible bloody nose after she jumped on one of our dogs and the dog bit her nose (this is the first time this has happened with our dogs). OMG this was crazy. Got her cleaned up and we finally went to bed. A few hours into the night and the same daughter woke up with a night terror. OMG she was screaming and not even awake. I am pretty sure the “tent” campers hated us. Don’t even get me started on my RV envy. Seriously, a RV showed up after us and was already BBQing while we were still trying to set up our tent. The second day we walked down to the beach. The kids learned about the cycle of life when we saw a dead seal (it was super sad :/ ). That night I woke up covered in pee from my daughter. GET ME OUT OF HERE is what I said when we woke up.

The trip was actually a pretty good experience but challenging with young kids. We will try camping again… in a while..


I can’t even believe I am posting this picture. This outfit is terrible but I was all about comfort.

11108668_10103681812969123_572069199969210201_n 11205493_10103681813378303_5151477030947892950_n

Sorry, there is not much fashion advice in this post but I thought it would be fun to share about our trip.

Thanks for reading,


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