swimsuit season….. oh god..

Swimsuits :/  I would rather get my entire body waxed then to wear a swimsuit and go swimming. Every person has something they are self-conscious about and I don’t like my stomach,swimming or my nose (I know random combo). After 2 kids your stomach is not as “tight” as it once was. So, back to swimsuits. I think it is important to be aware of how you look and feel in the suit you are buying, you want to feel comfortable and not like a stuffed sausage, there are so many different swimsuits for so many different body types. I love a cute two-piece but I am afraid the one-piece may be my next purchase :/ . Lately, I have been wearing my one-piece with a t-shirt over it, lame I know. I have been keeping my eye out for the perfect one piece, the-I am a mom but I don’t want to look inappropriate but I am not ready to look like a total mom but still I need something that I can go to the pool in and the other moms will not think I look like a skank in- see it’s not easy to find the perfect suit but I found a some I am willing to try…


Perfection. This Mara Hoffman suit is everything I described above. I love that it covers but is still young looking without looking too scandalous.


This Polo Ralph Lauren suit is simple but cute and perfect for the “stomach-insecure’s.”   It’s kind of boring but I like it.


This Splendid suit is adorable. I think it would have to be tried on, not sure if it would show too much boob for my personal taste (I know, I am a real prude).


This one is a Miracle Suit and it is magic. It is meant to hide insecurities.  I love the fringe, It’s so in right now… Personally, I am not really into lace swimwear. I know, weird right? I really enjoy lace tops and grandma inspired jewelry but in swim wear I am just not into it, that doesn’t mean it’s not great for some people 🙂 .

Thanks for reading, I hope you found some of this helpful or entertaining.


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