Oh This Dress


OMG! It was our 5 year wedding anniversary yesterday (also my daughter’s 4th birthday). My husband surprised me with this checkered, Anthropologie dress (he got the idea from an earlier blog post 🙂 ). Oh, hot-diggity-dog this dress is so adorable! It felt right to tie a thin brown belt around the waist and I was right 🙂 . The belt is from Hollister, years ago and the sandals are Steve Madden.

Oh, how do you feel about the new haircut? It is a lot shorter. People keep asking me why I decided to cut my hair off. Honestly, I don’t know. I was waiting to get my hair done looking at pictures of haircuts on my phone and I decided to just go for it and try something crazy. I used to have short hair years ago so I don’t feel that weird with it. My Husband has been VERY supportive of my fashion blog and he always suggests mixing stuff up and looking “fresh.” Well. if you are contemplating cutting your hair, just go for it, it’s summer and it will always grow back 🙂 .

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