Let’s get Graphic

Have you seen the graphic tees out lately? OMG they are so fun! I used to be known for wearing ridiculous and silly shirts. My favorite shirt was one with a banana sticking  out of a pocket. I mean who doesn’t enjoy a banana sticking out of a pocket joke? In my mid twenties I decided I was “too old” to be wearing these type of shirts (or maybe cause they had gotten too small.. so sad). Now that I am approaching my thirties, I am like “why not go for it again” and I have not looked back. These graphic tees have brought me back to my roots. Here are some that I love:

_10358955 _10252387 _10458160 _10551732 _10624366 _10664216 _10685313


I hope you find a graphic tee that suits you. The graphic tee can actually be dressed up when worn with a chunky necklace and some heels. I normally wear mine with some jean shorts, tucked in the front.

Thanks for reading,


All shirts were found on Nordstrom.com 🙂 (I know, Nordstrom again? 🙂 )

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