White Trash Bash

Yes, you read the title right, we had a White Trash Bash last night for my husbands Birthday and it was AWESOME. First, OMG I can’t believe I have waited so long to post! I never go more than two days but it has been much more than that, SORRY!! #sorrynotsorry 🙂

When choosing an outfit for the bash I thought a camo shirt felt appropriate. I mean, I wanted to go trash but I was not interested in showing my stomach or huge boobs I don’t have, I mean our parents would be there. I cut the sleeves off the camo shirt, put some torn jean shorts on and a hot pink trucker hat I ordered online. My husband fully committed to the theme, he went for it. The hat, terrible mullet wig, American flag shirt and he even cut his own jeans into shorts.

What’s a trashy party without twinkies and donuts?

Of course a foreign object got stuck in the toilet during the party (that’s what happens with kids around) so Ryan took the opportunity to get into character. You are welcome for this photo. Although, this is so embarrassing it is hilarious.

Thanks for reading,


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