Part of me feels ridiculous for sending a list to my husband for Mother’s Day. I love my husband but if I don’t send him links to items, I will end up with some questionable things šŸ™‚ Sorry, Ryan. So, the list. Here are just a few things (yes, my wish list at Nordstrom has A LOT of items šŸ™‚ a girl can dream) my from list, it is best to give a bigger list so there is a little surprise.


This shirt. It’s by Sister Jane and it is adorable. I love a collar and a peeking undershirt is even better! The skirt and sandals are terrible so please try to image the shirt alone.


This Chelsea28 romper is fun and can be dressed up with some heels and a shiny necklace, or dressed down with some flats and a chunky turquoise necklace.


OMFG, I am not sure if I should LOVE or HATE this Ace Delivery jacket. This jacket is kind of wild, but I think that is what makes it so great. A pair of dark denim, a white blouse, this jacket and some fun flats would be amazing. I am in love.


Oh, this Treasure & Bond flannel button down. It is so soft and cute! I have a few plaid button downs so I probably don’t need another BUT OMG it is so nice. This is great as is or you could wear it unbuttoned with a white tank top.


Lastly, these Sam Edelman shoes. They are casual but so perfect for summer. I have been seeing these all over the place. I think shorts or white jeans with a solid colored shirt would be so cute with these.

Thanks for reading,


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