Travel Gear

I am beginning to think more about our trip to NYC, NJ and DC in the Fall. I feel like my outfits must be perfect for everyday while we are there. How am I going to pack lots of options in my one bag. My husband thinks we should just bring carry-ons and wash clothes while we are there, he is insane. I suggested that I want a LV carry on and then he said that I am insane. I guess we are both nuts.

I feel like when traveling, one must use a bag separate from their everyday purse. The funny thing is that you don’t want to stick out like a tourist but you need something better for traveling (storing extra clothes, snacks). So, I was looking online at different cross body bags and bigger/smaller purses. I landed on this Tory Burch backpack. _10372047OMG I can’t believe I am considering a backpack, I feel like such a mom (well, I am a mom but I try not to be a nerdy-unfashionable mom).  BUT, the backpack is perfect for traveling, it will fit lots of stuff, I will have my arms free for activities and I kind of adore this one. It’s not like I will be strolling the streets with a plaid Jansport backpack, at least this one is leather and timeless right? Am I totally wrong for loving this? If I am wrong then I don’t want to be right 🙂 I hope you approve, if not let me know your suggestions. Please don’t suggest a fanny pack, I just can’t.

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