Crystal Love


These pants, this necklace, I am in love. OMG I picked these khakis at Loft a couple of weeks ago. I was instantly in love with the color and the loose fit. Rolling the bottoms adds a cute touch. With the warm weather, why not try a fun pant!? I have been testing the limits of fashion lately pairing patterns that don’t normally go together. So, I went for it, I wore a striped boxy top with coral colored pants and leopard print shoes. OMFG this necklace. My friend at Nordstrom (the one that makes commission) helped me pick this out. At first, I was like “I don’t know” but then when I tried it on, I loved how long it was. I don’t have anything (necklaces) else that long. The necklace has crystals in it that shine and a nice gold coat outlining it.  It is nice to have lots of options and not all the same type or lengths of necklaces. You never know what kind of mood you will be in. Warning, my pictures are a little on the crazy side as my daughter wanted to be in them…




Pants: Loft

Shirt: Pleione

Flats: BP

Necklace: Panacea

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