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With the weather warming up it is time to have “the talk.” For some reason, shorts can be tricky to wear. I have trouble finding the “right” shorts. They are either too tight, too short, too long or just not comfy. I finally just donated some Lucky Brand shorts that were too small (I seem to have an issue with weggies and camel toe, TMI?) and I have been squeezing into them for too long. I think with age it is important to consider what is age appropriate and not just what you see in magazines or TV. There are a lot of trends out right now, some cute (the boyfriend short) and some terrible (booty shorts). I don’t think shorts to the knee are attractive but I think it is okay if they are a 2 or 3 inches above the knee. The hoochi look is not a good one but neither is the covered-like-a-mummy look.

I found a blog that had a GREAT list of Do’s and Don’ts for summer shorts, Country Outfitter. After reading this list I couldn’t think of anything I would change so I figured I would just paste what they wrote.

Don’t wear a large print on a tiny short. This suggestion is two-fold. We’ve seen way too many ladies squeezing into a tiny pair of shorts and when accented by a large print, it’s a disaster. P.S. Just make sure your shorts fit.

Do wear a loose fit with a smaller pattern. This combination is a summer classic and will keep you looking classy.

Don’t let strings dangle from your cutoffs. We love cutoffs, but keep them clean. Stringy shorts looks messy and unkempt. Give those babies a trim every once in a while.

Do balance out a straight-cut short with a flowy tank or tee. Add a few accessories and you have an outfit.

Do avoid “booty” shorts at all costs. ALL COSTS. Please do not wear these in any fabric, print or size. Just don’t. Trust us on this one.

Don’t be afraid to have fun with color! Summer is the season for fun and color is fun! Wear it. As often as you can.

Do pay attention to stripes and plaids. For the most part, they aren’t super flattering. If you aren’t sure, ask that one friend who will always be brutally honest with you.

Do experiment with fun textures such as lace or seersucker. You may be surprised how often you find wearing these.

Don’t wear overall shorts. Ever. They weren’t cute in 1987 and they aren’t cute now. Especially if you were old enough to wear them the first time around. – Country Outfitter

I hope you find this list as helpful as I did! Here are some images of don’ts I found on google. Just don’t do it people 🙂

Stylish-Cargo-Shorts-for-Women images-2shortshortshortshortshorts

I just LOVE the look below 🙂


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