The tassels. I saw this shirt a few weeks ago and I thought, “NO!”. (I have seriously spent a hour debating whether this period should be here or not, I’m going for it) Then, last week, my friend (you know, the one that makes commission) pulled this shirt to go along with an adorable skirt.  For some reason, I was like, “YES!”. This crazy, fun shirt is short but perfect for a high waisted skirt/pant or over a longer blouse. It seems a little scary to wear with so much going on, but just go for it and have some fun! I love the leopard flats, they just add to the outfit. I plan to wear this shirt with the cute black and white stripe skirt I wore last week. It is going to be a lot going on with the different patterns but I am so excited.


Shirt: Raga

Jeans: Paige – Skyline straight

Necklace: Anthropology – Thanks, Jamie 🙂

Flats: BP

Thanks for reading,


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