nanny wear

A friend of mine asked me to post about what I think a Nanny should wear. This gave me a lot to think about. Personally, I am very conservative and I would want my Nanny (If I had one) to be as well, since they would be around my kids. One part of me likes the idea of a Nanny wearing a minimal uniform (khakis, polo and whatever shoes) but the other part of me feels like they should be able to wear whatever they want as long as it is appropriate. here are some do’s and don’ts that I came up with (I realize I am a little strict 🙂 ) :

  • Pants that do not show butt when bending over, they need to be easy and comfy to run around.
  • A shirt or tank top that does not show cleavage, no spaghetti straps. The shirt does not need to be a turtleneck but use your best judgment. You are not trying to get a date you are working.
  • Shorts are fine but should be about finger length.
  • Shoes that are comfortable to run in, no heels.
  • Please don’t wear a shirt that shows your stomach.
  • One-piece bathing suit (sorry)

Here are some looks I found that I love:


_10441704       _10367893             _10153380 


I like the above looks because they are all casual yet adorable and easy to run around in. The looks are geared towards the 20’s-30’s age range.

Now, men Nannies have it a little easier on the dress code. They do not have boobs to show off and don’t normally wear heels. I think it is important for men that they do not show their boxers, they do not wear skin tight shirts (please no Affliction) and they keep it on the casual, fun side. A basic pair of jeans or shorts and a t-shirt is probably the easiest outfit. I found the following outfits nice for the man Nanny:

_10287399  _10143071 _9926246

I hope these suggestions make sense and my dress code isn’t too stuffy for anyone 🙂 This is just my personal opinion.

Thanks for reading,


Peep out my friends blog for info about nannies:

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