Good News and Bad News

Tonight I had a fabulous time out with some friends, we had sushi for dinner then wandered to the mall. We were at a mall that I have not been to in years (I usually go to the one that is about ten minutes from my house).

The good news,

I was on my way to Loft when I noticed some adorable clothing in a window, I looked up and I saw the sign Madewell. OMFG this is the best day of my life (sorry kids and husband)! I walked in with a smile on my face and my arms up in joy. I told the girl OMG I can’t believe Madewell is here in person, she did not share the same excitement as me. I immediatley asked if they had the dress I have been drooling over and of course they did (an extra 20% off!).

The bad news,

The GD dress did not fit well. It is a straight silhouette and looked baggy around my back and tight around my butt. I was crushed. The items at the store are fashion forward yet casual and it is the kind of store that makes you want to try everything on. Then you get in the dressing room and everything feels blah. I am sorry to report this disappointment. I hope I have not crushed any dreams.

On the upside, my outfit tonight received some compliments 🙂 . I decided to try something different, I have been trying to take more risks with my outfits lately. I paired my torn denim shorts with a white loose v-neck, Vince Camuto heels (always a good choice), a chunky Baublebar necklace and a leather moto jacket.  The idea of heels and shorts kind of make me cringe but it is all about the risk. I think it is a good idea to have a “go-to” outfit for certain occasions but I think it is important to mix it up a little every time you wear it. That way you will surprise people with how versatile a piece of clothing can be. Maybe something simple like a different necklace or different shoes, things do not have to match perfect, in fact I LOVE the idea of mixing patterns and prints.


SONY DSCI hope you find my fashion sense helpful 🙂

Thanks for reading,


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