Manic Monday

Today, I went for a dressed up-going for a picnic-but not really because I am working-look. If that makes any sense… I am crazy for a button-down shirt and the chain is the perfect add on (at least I think so 🙂 ) My Bro-in-laws gave me a hard time about my chain necklace this weekend, comparing me to Mr. T, but haters gonna hate. Yes, the necklace looks like a bit much but I LOVE it and I gets lots of compliments. At first I thought, “what am I going to wear this with” but the more I wear it the more outfits I can put it with. I think the important thing is to GO FOR IT! The more risks you take the more you will figure out what works for you. If you over analyze outfits, you will never get dressed. So, put some options together that you would never normally try and you may surprise yourself.



Necklace (Baublebar), shirt (J. Crew), pants (Citizens of Humanity), shoes (Cole Haan).

The Mr. T tribute is for my Bro-in-laws, Ryan and Drew. You are welcome.


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