Holy crap, I just ran across this adorable dress and the perfect shoes to match. Please someone, gift these to me 🙂 . Let’s start with this dress. It is Madewell. I LOVE that the back is longer than the front, OH and the collar (you know I love anything with a collar). The dress is preppy and trendy at the same time. I would wear this to work, lunch with friends, a summer BBQ or anything during the day. Not sure i would wear this out on the town at night but It could go out with some fancy accessories. Next, the shoes(the brown flats NOT the Birkenstocks, yikes). OMG I love these, they are flat and comfy yet can easily be dressed up or down. The light brown color can go with pretty much anything. They have a pewter color that I really want too. To tie the outfit together, a long gold tier necklace would be perfect!

C0653_WP2544_m C0653_WP2544_s _9824184




The necklace is BP from Nordstrom and less than $20!

Thanks for reading,


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