Biker Gang and Dogs



Yesterday, I woke up and was like, “what the heck am I going to wear today, nothing seems right.” It was a little cooler outside so I decided on a button-down shirt with a sweater over it, I really enjoy the look of a collar poking out from a sweater or shirt (I mean who doesn’t??). I felt like a necklace would be a nice touch but nothing seemed right.. so if you are struggling with accessories, a bow tie is ALWAYS a great choice!


My work outfit included: sweater (GAP), shirt (Nordstrom), Pants (GAP), shoes (Cole Haan). I LOVE GAP for work clothes, they have great blouses, pants and dresses. Oh and they always have great discounts!

Last night we went to the SPD K9 charity event at the local comedy club.  I wanted to wear something unexpected so I went for a boyfriend jean-cute t-chain necklace-leather jacket-adorable heel-look. I love the idea of pairing the unexpected ( I first heard this “phrase” from Courtney Kerr, fashion blogger). I layered my police necklace with my Courtney bib necklace. These heels have gotten a lot of attention and they are getting more comfortable. I felt like I should belong in a biker gang with my leather jacket and chain necklace, I had a little bit of a tough attitude for the night. The tough attitude ended as soon as I got home and put my Star Wars shirt on and soccer shorts. DORK ALERT!


Jacket (Caslon), shirt (Trouve), necklace (Baublebar), jeans (AG), and heels (Vince Camuto).

IMG_2826My sister and I.

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