“So Urban,” She Says

I recently picked up some adorable chunky heels. Besides my TOMS wedges, these are literally the only pair of heels I own. I normally wear flats because they are easy but I kind of feel like “less or a woman” for not wearing heels. A friend (a sales person who now seems like a friend) that works at Nordstrom has become my go-to when I am in need of something new. She picked these for me along with some others but I HAD to have these. They are a neutral color so they can be worn with any color combination. They go with a dress, pants or skirt, not sure I would wear them with shorts.. not really the look I am going for.

Anyway, I put the heels (Vince Camuto) on with my black pants, rolled at the bottom. I finished the look with a Free People flowy (this word is coming up an error but it shows okay in the dictionary?? WTF) top because everyone looks good in a flowy top 🙂 Since having two kids and I never workout.. well a flowy top seems to be a good fit for me.





Oh! The Urban comment came from my sister 🙂


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