How to Wear D on D

Denim on Denim is back and has been for a while now. Years ago I would cringe when seeing someone wearing a denim shirt with a denim pant or with a denim jacket. Now, I can’t get enough denim in my life! Some people (my sisters) may still cringe at D on D but I think it is okay when done a certain way (in my eyes). The only way to get away with D on D is different shades of denim, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT wear the same color denim top and bottom. I love the idea of wearing a statement necklace over a button down denim shirt, it dresses up the look and adds a fun piece. A dark jean with a light denim shirt, a white jean with any color denim shirt are great options. With summer around the corner, white denim shorts with a colored denim shirt rolled up would be adorable, oh and some little scrappy brown sandals… forget about it.. adorable.

What I love about this denim shirt is that it can be worn with many different types of pants or skirts/shorts. It can also be easily dressed up or dressed down with the appropriate accessories. The necklace I added gives it a little something extra that worn with a heel would transition it to an evening look.





(dark denim are Paige, torn denim are Hudson, white denim are Citizens of Humanity, shirt is Halogen, necklace is Baublebar and the first sandals are Steven Madden, second pair are Rainbow)

Thanks for reading,


PS, sorry for the selfies, I will be taking some more professional-looking photos soon 🙂

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