Breaking the Rules

Yesterday, I broke a rule, my rule of only wearing jeans on Fridays (I mean who doesn’t have the casual Friday rule? It’s the best one!). Yesterday was Thursday, not Friday and I was just not in the mood for anything but jeans. So, I threw on my straight-leg Paige jeans, a fun (work appropriate) tank top and a cute navy blue cardigan. Oh! And of course some adorable Cole Haan flats (I LOVE the bow 🙂 ).

Here is a picture of my girls and I in the morning before I left for work.





OH! I checked the mail when I got home and my Baublebar necklace came in! YAY! Yes, I have this in gold and now in silver, I don’t discriminate.


Thanks for reading,


6 thoughts on “Breaking the Rules

  1. Love your necklace and the shoes, you always match up your outfits so well. I always read your blog to see what you are doing todayl You looked really good in the clothes you wore
    several times from Nordstrom too. It’s nice you enjoy the blogging and dressing up every day.

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