A Fancy Tuesday

I had a  EARLY 530 AM wake up call this morning. I decided to try something new with my outfit, a white blouse (eight-sixty brand from Nordstrom) under a black simple dress (Tildon from Nordstrom). I love the idea of wearing a shirt or sweater over a dress, it makes a dress so versatile. The white blouse has straps on the shoulders, pockets and pull up ties on the sleeves, a lot going on for a white button down. I decided it would look better simplified with a lace pullover (Banana Republic, clearance 🙂 ). Last week I wore the lace pullover with a black t-shirt underneath, I love that there are so many ways to wear this pullover. The outfit turned out adorable, at least I think so. Last week when we met Courtney Kerr, she said she likes to pair unexpected items, that has been on my mind a lot lately. I think the mens wear shoes ad an unexpected look. I decided not to wear a necklace because I felt like there was already a lot going.

IMG_2681 IMG_2680 IMG_2675


The dogs in the pictures are our little rescued Chihuahuas 🙂 .

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