Yesterday, my sister-in-law Jamie and I went to the Macy’s “fashion” show that was presented by Courtney Kerr. Courtney is a successful fashion blogger and was on two different Bravo shows (lucky B!), I mean how does someone even get on one Bravo show let alone TWO!!?? She is cool and has wealthy friends, I guess that’s how? Anyway, the clothes chosen were nothing great but I was able to meet and take a picture with her after (I almost posted pics from the fashion show but I didn’t like anything enough to take space in my blog post, sorry Macy’s and Courtney  🙂 ).


(Changed the picture to black and white because I look pasty white and red compared to Courtney, in case you were wondering)

OMG I was so excited, I felt like I was in line for a roller coaster, my stomach was in knots! Was I going to be able to talk? Would I be nervously funny or stutter? It actually went pretty well. I told her I started a fashion blog and she was like, “cool, just stick to it” and then I said, “did you notice my necklace? I am the only one wearing the necklace you created with Baublebar.” She said she noticed it right away and then she reached out and touched it, I was melted butter at that point. In my head I was thinking, “OMG, we should totally hangout and become friends” but in real life I was just giddy and realized she is a lot cooler than me. So sad. Anyway, we had so much fun and it was so worth it! Jamie won a $50 Macy’s gift card and we got some free reusable Macy’s bags.





My tank is Stem, necklace is Baublebar, jeans are Hudson and sandals are Steve Madden.

Thanks for reading,


2 thoughts on “Starstruck

  1. I respect you for not posting photos of things that didn’t wow you at the show. Thanks for picking up on my blog. I’m slowly getting my sewing skills back. I’m struggling with synthetics right now due to budget constraints. Once I’m back in the groove I hope to move on to higher quality blends and natural fibers. I’m now following yours, too. We bloggers benefit from encouragement.

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