Dressing Room Challenge

Today, I got off work a little earlier than usual so I decided to sneak over to Nordstrom before going home (don’t tell Ryan 🙂 ). I had a few specific items I was looking for and at the same time thought it would be a good opportunity to take some pics of outfits in the dressing room. I guess that is considered a dressing room challenge? (I may or may not have had a couple of adult beverages while writing this:) )

The first look happens to be my own. It’s casual Friday at work and I always take advantage of that! I am wearing my Paige straight leg jeans, Halogen blouse, Loft cardigan (I am so happy I got a blue cardigan last week, I have already put it to good use) and some Franco Sarto shoes (These shoes were my favorite last year and now I am not as sure). I really need to pick up some good Spring/Summer shoes but for now a girl has to make due.


OMG, these pants are terrible! The wonderful sales girl helping me said these are really in and I should give them a chance. NO WAY! OMG, these are not a good look for me, I mean maybe for some seriously fashion forward people that like to take some crazy risks but not for me. I kind of felt like I was wearing some ninja pants or something.


Below is the other look I took a picture of (obviously). The skirt is Sam Edelman and adorable but more money than I wanted to spend. The shirt, Trouve, is the same as above, I picked it up in white and black. I went a long time without a jean jacket (until I got one last year, luckily!) and I feel like this is a must!


Thanks for reading,


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