Today’s Look

OMG I am so excited about today’s look. From the bow tie down to my mens wear shoes, I am crazy for my outfit.. Before I discuss my outfit in detail, OMFG, after using the restroom I went to pull up my tights and they TORE!!! I tried pulling them up to hide the rip and it GREW! OMG I was so embarrassed, I mean how can a fashion blogger walk around with a rip in her tights? I decided that I would make fun of myself until I could get new tights at lunch. My plan worked… everyone (most people) appreciates a good laugh. There I feel better.


Now, the bow tie is Tok Tok, found on Amazon. The bow tie has an adjustable neck so I didn’t need to fuss with it at all during the day. I have a adorable polka dot bow tie that clips on, I find myself adjusting it during the day. Some may say that the bow tie makes me look like I work at Sees Candy, but haters gonna hate! I don’t care if people do not like them because I LOVE a good bow tie. 🙂

IMG_2583  IMG_2587 IMG_2591

The blouse is from Nordstrom a few years ago and the skirt is from the Loft (it has pockets!). I was having trouble deciding to tuck or not tuck in my shirt. When I tucked in the shirt, I looked kind of frumpy but I feel like it is a cleaner look to tuck. Well, I ended up not tucking (obviously). Shoes are Halogen. Tights are from Target.. not sure I would recommend them.. 🙂

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