Today’s Look


Today I went for a comfy/nautical outfit. The tank and cardigan are from the Loft. I have been ISO (in search of) a navy cardigan for a while now. This one is comfy, a little slim in the arms but it is a really nice navy blue. I struggled thinking about how a cardigan is supposed to fit, I mean who writes the rules for this type of decision (just tell me how it should fit! Loose in the arms or fitted? The struggle is real). I started off with navy shorts but it just felt like too much navy so, I went for some denim (Paige Skyline straight). I think brown sandals would have gone better with this outfit but I desperately need a pedicure so shoes were a must. I picked up these Top Sperry’s YEARS ago, in fact I think about 10!? I rarely wear them but every time I do I think, “why don’t I wear these more?”. (I don’t know if that is the right punctuation…) Then a few hours later I remember when my heels are hurting from the backing in the shoes. The shoes are great for half the day. I think a simple gold necklace with a bar or something similar would have been a nice touch but I didn’t like any of my options. Anyway, to complete the outfit, a cross body Kate Spade purse is ALWAYS a great choice šŸ™‚

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