NYC in the Fall

OMFG, we just purchased our flights to the east coast in the fall and I am so excited! First, we are staying with friends in New Jersey and visiting NYC, then we are staying with friends in Virginia and visiting DC. The first thing on my list, a spray tan and heading to the Jersey Shore. Why? Why not! We are going with no kids and it is going to be so fun! I think I am more excited about spotting a Real Housewife than Snooki or Jwow but I would settle for either.

OMG the city, it is all I can think about. What the F am I going to wear?! My outfits MUST be perfect for everyday that I am there, I mean what if it is my big break? Probably not… but never know! All I want to do is dress adorable, go for coffee and shop. I guess I may have to sacrifice part of my trip to do what my husband wants to do… boring! Anyway, I am on the hunt for 7 perfect outfits. I have until September so that should be enough time 🙂 I will post as I found my outfits.

Thanks for reading,


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