Family Fun Day and MORE!

Today, I have my mom hat on. We visited the newest fire station in Roseville and got lunch after. I ended up wearing my new AG jeans (they are a skinny boyfriend cut), a cozy white t-shirt (Halogen) and converse.

IMG_2411 IMG_2406 IMG_2411

Back to my “fashion blogger hat,”

Last night I was back on the web searching for the next adorable item. OMG, I found this amazing army green denim shirt (Halogen). I currently have the “normal” denim color but I LOVE the army green (it says “stone fossil” but I think it looks more army green), it would be so cute with some white jeans. Oh and I have had my eyes on this Baublebar necklace for about a week or so and I finally went for it 🙂 . It is gold and would go great with the green denim shirt.. maybe a little risky to some people but I think it would be adorable.

_8545212 6215_03_2_1_2

Happy Saturday!

3 thoughts on “Family Fun Day and MORE!

  1. Okay I think that outfit sounds amazing. Someday you need to style me. I’m in a mom funk! Anyways, I want to order some white converse low tops. How do they fit? True to size? Smaller? Bigger? I’m a 7.5 and at this point I haven’t been able to shop for myself yet so online shopping (and possible returning…gotta love how easy Nordstrom is about it!) is my new friend.


    1. Thank you, Christie! I wear a 8.5 typically and my Converse are a 8. I think they run a little big, for the kids too. So, I would say to get a 7. They have some cute like “half laced” converse that you may really like. I would love to help you shop and pick things out 🙂 If you want to message me I can look online and send you some links? I love shopping online at Nordstrom for the reason that I can order online and return with no hassle if I don’t like an item.


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