Love or Hate?

When I shop for clothes I either LOVE or I HATE, there is no in-between. Today, I did some in-store and online “window shopping” and I found some LOVE items. Usually I peep out what is online before going into the store (Nordstrom mostly), so I know what I am looking for. Although I could spend hours at the mall I have learned to shop more efficiently since I usually have at least on of the kids with me. Last night, I saw some ADORABLE torn jeans (AG brand which I never tried but I have been wanting to for a while), yes I have torn jeans but I seem to be wearing them A LOT lately and thought it would be good to get another pair but in a different wash. The AG jeans I found are a “skinny boyfriend fit.” Normally I wear jeans pretty tight so I thought it would be nice to try something a little different. Anyway, I went in today after work (thank you mom for babysitting) and tried them on and LOVED them!


The sandals in the picture are horrible but I think the jeans are adorable and different.

Next, I have been on the hunt for a good pair of summer sandals (easy to wear and dress up or dress down). I like these because they are simple with some super cute gold accents. I am crazy for gold and I like that they are not very high. These are Steve Madden._10287507

The white v-neck is ALWAYS a good choice and so easy to LOVE. I think these three items could be worn together easily, ooh and a adorable necklace would tie it all together. The v-neck is Stem and the necklace is BP.



I know what you are thinking, is it okay to wear gold and silver together? To be honest, I  don’t know but I think it is good to try new things 🙂

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