Today’s Look – Get it Girl

This morning I was rushing to get ready. My kids have been waking up earlier lately and I need to be completely ready before getting the baby out of the crib or I will never have the time. I started out with a beige dress and tights but it was not feeling like a good look for the day. I decided to try the same tights (sheer from Target) with a black skirt (H&M) and a white t-shirt (Tildon from Nordstrom). The necklace (Nordstrom), my wonderful sister-in-law got me went perfect with this outfit. I put on a black H&M blazer and my adorable mens inspired shoes (Halogen) to seal the deal. I thought I looked cute but OMG people at work LOVED my look today. I only got one “full body shot” (YES, this is a bathroom shot, I think this may be my first EVER bathroom shot, not sure that is a good thing) but I got a few other close ups of my shirt.

IMG_2380 IMG_2382 IMG_2387

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