What I wore

Yesterday I went to a baby shower for a good friend. The night before,  I was thinking about what kind of outfit is the right outfit to wear to a baby shower, but  all I could think about were the horrible games I would have to play. Fortunately this baby shower turned out to be very fun and easy (no games were pushed 🙂 ). Back to the clothes, I decided to wear my straight Paige jeans with my ADORABLE new fancy flats. I chose a easy blue tank top (I get hot really easy, especially in a crowd) and my new jacket (Halogen) that Ryan got me for my birthday. Here’s the thing, I LOVE how this jacket looks BUT I cannot move my arms in it! I literally could not wear it while driving! I mean, is this normal? The necklace is a cute elephant from J Crew.  Oh and of course my Kate Spade purse (I am obsessed with Kate Spade right now, everything is so classy/timeless 🙂 ).


IMG_2358 IMG_2357 IMG_2362

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