Monday’s Off

 Currently, I work Tuesday-Friday. Monday is usually the day I do something fun with my girls. I am not the type of mom that dresses fancy or wears heels when I am out with the kids (well let’s be honest, I RARELY wear heels). I LOVE that converse are still “in.” I think this is my 3rd or 4th pair of converse. They are so cute and easy to wear (and wash well). The skinny jeans are Hudson and extremely soft/stretchy. I was hesitant about wearing distressed jeans because I feel like they may be a little “young” for me. The girl at Nordstrom was like, “no, everyone needs to own a pair of distressed jeans this season.” YES, she was right. What wisdom… The jacket (Hinge) is a mid-weight canvas hoodie, it is so comfy and easy to wear. It is kind of a red/orange color.. not sure but it is super cute. Underneath, I have on a grey v-neck. I am CRAZY for v-necks. Well, I hope you enjoyed my look today! There is so much more to come…

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