I will confess, I am a nail biter and I have been my entire life. There, I feel better.  I have been told over and over again to stop biting my nails and I am usually successful for about two weeks. I just keep falling off the wagon! Anyway, a friend of mine , Kimberly Nall( is a Jamberry Independent Consultant and sent me some nails to try. UM, they are OMG adorable! There are like 300 patterns to chose from. I must be honest, there are 9 steps to putting these on and I was really intimidated. My friend, Kimberly Nall, has tutorial videos on her Facebook page to help. YES they did help! The first nail took me about 10 minutes to get on but the second one took me about a minute or two. The application can be used with a blow dryer or a Jamberry nail dryer. I used a blow dryer and it worked fine. We will see if these do the trick to keep me from biting 🙂



One thought on “Nails

  1. I’ve used other nail wraps – but not Jamberry! How did you like them? I used to bit my nails too – it took a good month to get over it. Too many fun nail polished to bite your nails 🙂


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