Did I Forget to Mention?

Did I forget to mention that my Birthday is next week? Guess what bitches, it’s my Birthday next week! It is going to be the last year in my twenties (yikes). My dream Birthday celebration would be going to Las Vegas and seeing Britney Spears! Since that is not going to happen (Ryan is the fun police), I think we are going to dinner, which will be fun to have a night away from the kids. This may sound snobby but I always send Ryan a list with links to items I want, if I don’t the items he chooses are scary! Here are some items below I was thinking about adding to my list this year 🙂

I found some items that are adorable and perfect for the weekend or work (minus the torn jeans for work). I think the blazer is so fun and would be so cute with these school girl shoes. The blazer is Halogen and would also be cute with some black jeans and a white blouse. The jeans are a must for the Spring/Summer. They are Hudson and mid-rise (which I love). The shoes are both a statement and may not be the easiest for some people to wear BUT they are so fun and cute ! I LOVE everything with stripes, they can be dressed up or dressed down. The torn jeans could be worn with the striped shirt and brown shoes.

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