The Right Top for a Night Out

When I was getting ready for date night with my husband I felt like nothing I owned was “nice” enough to wear out. Today, I decided to see what I could find online at Nordstrom. When I typed in “night out shirts” in the Nordstrom search box, some clothes that I would NEVER wear for a “night out” appeared. Why does a night out mean one must dress like a teenager or a grandma, where is the happy middle? This is my personal opinion, NO judgement to those that choose to show a little more skin, this is just how I choose to dress and that doesn’t make it right or wrong. Why can’t a night out mean a cute modest blouse with a fancy necklace instead of a spaghetti strap half top or a fully covered shirt with terrible detail? I know that style is changing again and moving back into the 90’s when girls would show their stomach. BUT this doesn’t mean that it looks good or is appropriate. These are some of the images that appeared for me when I search “night out shirts:”


I feel like I am in between clothing departments. I am too old to shop in the juniors but I feel like I am too young for some of the other departments. At Nordstrom I really prefer Point of View (mom department) and TBD. I also like GAP for work clothes and t-shirts, although their shirts sometimes wash weird(on a side note). I am a conservative dresser by nature so I don’t like a lot of skin showing, this makes shopping a little tricky. SO, back to dressing for a night out.

I looked again and found a few cute options.

The first shirt shown is a little more risky (with the lace) than I would normally go for but I do think that it is still adorable and fun for a night out. The second look is kind of an OMG moment because with a sparkly chunky necklace I would be in love with the shirt and skirt combo. I LOVE a shirt and skirt combo. The third shirt I love and hate at the same time. I can’t decide if I think it’s awful or adorable, given the right accessories and bottom.

_9819837 _8869365 _9676086

4 thoughts on “The Right Top for a Night Out

  1. ThiIrd shirt. Awful. Don’t even try it on. Screams disco days. Oh and I agree with your opinion on where to shop. No on juniors section.


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