Rain Boots

I purchased a pair of Hunter rain boots about a year ago. I saw other girls wear them and always thought they looked adorable on. Hunter is such a classic brand and they match pretty much anything. Although, if you buy the warm fleece inserts you won’t be able to see the classic Hunter brand.


To be honest, I don’t know if I would buy them again. The truth about rain boots is that they are HEAVY! They are not great for a lot of walking. I do love the way my boots look and they are great in rainy weather but I don’t think they are worth the cost. When I wear these around, I feel like I need to carry a second pair of shoes to wear once inside. If I wear the boots for more than a couple of hours I start feeling angry cause my legs get tired( this may be a personal issue)…  Maybe the short Hunter boots would make more sense but for now I would suggest just getting some cute more affordable rain boots at Target or even some cute Sperry rain boots at Nordstrom. Here are some suggestions:

Chooka 'Classic Dot' Rain Boot (Women)Joules 'Wellyprint' Rain Boot (Women)Joules 'Fieldwelly' Rain Boot (Women)

Let me know what you think!

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