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Hi! My name is Caitlyn Davis. I am a mom of 2 girls and a wife to a nerdy-sweet husband. I feel like writing a blog is kind of cliche so that’s why I don’t want to only talk about mom and wife stuff, I want to talk and post pictures about fashion, cool/fun products and my own personal style. Now that I am almost (I say that loosely) in my thirties, I feel like I have visions of what my life could have been like (minus my adorable babies and husband that I would not trade for the world). I have a real obsession with clothes, I am a little bit of a brand snob and very particular about what I buy.
I decided to create a blog when my husband and I were discussing our aspirations in life. I love clothes and fashion but what the heck can I do?! (I currently am a Department Secretary at Kaiser) The idea of writing in a blog would be a great way for me to get my passion for clothes out to the world and see where it takes me. Also, let’s be honest, I really need a hobby besides watching reality TV. I don’t have the best grammar and you may find no interest in my posts and that’s okay but I do hope you enjoy some of it……

4 thoughts on “Profile Bio

  1. Hooray! Caitlyn I am so so excited for you! You have an amazing eye for great fashion and High End Brands but you can also mix in Target’ and make it all work! Can’t wait to see what post next!


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